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Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy Fear Third World War: World Leaders Voice Concern - TechStory

“The world is heading towards World War III”- that’s what Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy have been saying. Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy warn of the growing risk of World War 3. The topic arose in the discussion titled “Where is the Israel-Hamas war headed? Could this lead to WW3?” and it instantly went viral. Hosted by prominent venture capitalist David Sacks, with co-host Ramaswamy, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and U.S. presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy delved into the rising concerns surrounding the risk of World War III.

Musk on World War III

VIDEO: Israel, Hamas, World War 3 | Elon Musk & Vivek Ramaswamy
Farzad Mesbahi

Elon Musk And Vivek Ramaswamy warn of World War 3 and declare that key factors like the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza and the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine Can make way for World War III.

Musk pointed out the significance of the alliance between Russia, China, and Iran, highlighting its substantial strength relative to Western powers. Musk emphasized the need to recognize the vast industrial capacity possessed by these countries, emphasizing that they could potentially outproduce Western alliances.

The SpaceX chief highlighted the strategic synergy between Russia, which has access to raw materials, and China, which boasts immense industrial capacity, as a concerning factor from a war perspective. Musk highlighted the potential risk of a strong alliance between China and Russia, which he believes would pose a significant threat to the United States. He expressed unease about current U.S. policies that may force Russia and Iran into an alliance with China, a situation he deemed unwise and fraught with immense risks for civilization. Furthermore, he suggested that the absence of an anti-Russian insurgency in Russian-speaking areas of Ukraine occupied by Russia could potentially lead to a ceasefire line or permanent border.

Musk further emphasized that in a global conflict of the magnitude of World War III, two superpower alliances must exist, and each should possess the capability to challenge the other. He stressed that this is currently the case, signifying a significant shift in global power dynamics.

His company, Starlink, has provided vital satellite internet services to Ukrainian civilians and the military. However, Musk has expressed hesitancy about Starlink’s involvement in military actions, emphasizing its original purpose for peaceful use.

Ramaswamy on World War III

VIDEO: Trump Planning To Pull OUT Of NATO; Elon Musk, Vivek Ramaswamy WARN Of WWIII
The Hill

Vivek Ramaswamy supported Musk’s concerns, emphasizing the concept of World War III as a civilizational risk. He stressed that entering into such a conflict could result in the United States as we know it ceasing to exist. Ramaswamy outlined multiple factors amplifying these risks, such as Russia’s hypersonic missile capabilities, China’s naval capacity, and economic dependence on China.

Ramaswamy underscored the vulnerability of the U.S. homeland, not only from a border perspective but also regarding missile defense, cyber defense, and super electromagnetic pulse attacks. He pointed to various factors that amplify the risks, including Russia’s hypersonic missile capabilities and nuclear strength, which he noted as being ahead of the U.S. He also highlighted China’s naval capacity, suggesting it arguably surpasses that of the United States.

Moreover, he drew attention to the economic dependence on China and other factors that, when considering the Western allies in contrast to the potential alliance between Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea, heightened the risks.

Both Elon Musk and Vivek Ramaswamy warned of World War 3 and stated that there is an urgent need to restore normal relations with Russia. Musk asserted that such a move is vital from a civilizational risk standpoint and can significantly lower the probability of World War III. He cautioned against prolonging the Ukraine and Russia conflict, emphasizing the importance of seeking peace for the betterment of Ukraine, the United States, and the world.

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